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History of Ski Helmets

The helmet is the protective purpose widgets section at the top of the user when there is impact. Those using two-wheeled motorcycle and bicycle helmet used most often. The helmet also speaks to what kind of helmet, Windmill hats in military protective hats, sports (football, baseball, hockey, skiing, …) or the type of labor protection cap (construction, mining …). So, we can say the helmet is important for people to like. This article will talk about the origins of the helmet when playing skiing. Maybe your’re finding to buy a good helmet, I will recommend this article for the deep research on ski helmets.


choose fish finder

Introduction to Fish Finders: How to Choose the Right One

If you love fishing then it’s obvious you’ll go to purchase a fish finder and that’s not a big deal for you. On the downside, to choose the fish finder that would be right for your fishing needs is quite a task. No one likes to waste their cash on the unsuitable fish finder. To overcome related concerns, one should require a lot of research before purchasing a fish finder.

I’ve used the word research that is in terms of your desired fishing needs, screen display, fishing scenarios, costs and feasibility. Here I’ve collected few important points on which after considering, you could get a probability of buying a fish finder. Those few important points are listed below:

  • Types of Fish Finder Unit
  • Display Features
  • Frequency and Power
  • Transducer



Catching Bass When They Won’t Bite

For all of you out there who think “Catching Bass When They Won’t Bite” means throwing on a stringer of bare hooks and shank hooking the fish in the side, I am not being literal. The purpose of this article is to provide insight on lures and tactics you can use to MAKE the fish bite when it seems that they won’t bite. Largemouth and Smallmouth bass alike are opportunistic feeders, meaning that if you drop the right thing in their face at the right time, they will eat it. So, our objective is to figure out what that is, and put it in front of their face.



Steelhead Float Techniques

General Technique

Using a float setup is very effective on steelhead. When steelhead enter rivers or during the winter, they often seek out deeper water such as pools and holes that run along banks, shale ledges, bends in the rivers, the tail end of pools, and logjams. There are wide variety of presentations that can be used to catch steelhead


Steelhead are natural egg eaters and they love to eat salmon eggs. Spawn sacs, have been long regarded as one of the best steelhead baits. The eggs used by steelheaders come from king and coho salmon. Some anglers will swear that brown trout eggs will out perform salmon eggs. Spawn sacs are very effective when the water is murky. Since steelhead have high olfactory senses, they don’t need to see the bait. I have caught many steelhead in water where most anglers would consider it unfishable. Spawn is best fished in the slower moving water, the presentation is natural when fished just off the river bottom.